You can teach an old mouse a new trick!

The SupremeLearning™ World Champion system is the first and only comprehensive learn-how-to-learn method that consistently and predictably works for adult students, no matter how eager or scared. Its pricipal author, Michael Shestov — who, over and over was declared by his teachers and instructors to be “the slowest learner in the world” — was only able to overcome his “life sentence” by inventing his own unexpectedly effective, yet accelerated, system of learning. This eventually led him to setting and breaking multiple world records in the intellectual and “human achievements” categories, consequently attracting media coverage in 73 different language and countless TV appearances (e.g., CNN, BBC, Fuji TV).

As an international independent investigative journalist and consumer advocate in the field of education, Shestov has been able to gather remarkable data on the problems of learning, especially those of seemingly slow learners, by lecturing and teaching personally all around the globe. He’s given seminars at numerous colleges and universities on the topic, “Learn How To Learn and Teach Effectively” and given lectures to mostly-adult audiences on “How To Master Any Language Fast”. Shestov has personally improved performance levels of simultaneous interpreters, language instructors, and parliamentary stenographers; he has taught English to countless individuals who considered themselves to be slow learners and didn’t know what to do about it. Breaking the barriers of traditional learning systems (including the so-called innovative ones – the ones he discovered don’t really work for adults either!), has been his passion and his life-long mission.

In 1994, Shestov met Gin I. Paris (writer/editor and entrepreneur) who was impressed with the results of Shestov’s students. She wondered if there was a way to bring the system to millions of foreigners, immigrants, Americans, and Britons who wanted to speak and express themselves better in English. Some of those people had tried out many other systems available on the market without getting any noticeable results, and consequently they were still stuck and frustrated. Paris enhanced Shestov’s teaching method and after a few years, the comprehensive SupremeLearning™ system of human intellectual development was born.



SupremeLearning™ is a unique method of learning how to learn that can be applied to any subject (e.g., reading comprehension, writing, speaking, typing, working on a computer, dance, Martial Arts, and so much more). Bettering one’s grasp of English is a great application on which to gain the know-how of the SupremeLearning™ techniques.

With SupremeLearning™ you are given a chance to correct or replace your seemingly unchangeable ineffective high school-like learning habits with the ones that actually work – even if you think you’ve completely lost your prior ability to study. In fact, you haven’t – and with the help of SupremeLearning™ you are going to learn things as fast as you could in the first grade!

Not only foreigners struggle to learn or master English; most native speakers do, too! But they don’t realize that their level of English prevents them from learning effectively. In America, who needs to improve their English? Up to 95 percent of its population! Most native English speakers are not capable of (a) comprehending and memorizing just by listening, conversing, silently reading, or observing, (b) learning new professional terminology fast enough, (c) writing or typing error-free and (d) sight-reading out loud “narrator-like”. Only 5 percent of adult Americans are capable of all five. Surprise! Surprise! The overwhelming majority of people use no more than two or three thousand words, and they don’t even concern themselves with correct spelling! Unfortunately, their paycheck reflects that.

SupremeLearning™ can help you if you tried any of the following but still don’t know English well:

  • Talking to native speakers including highly educated ones
  • Reading clever books and newspapers
  • Listening to knowledgeable academic lecturers and motivators
  • Watching movies with Hollywood stars and countless TV-shows
  • Buying one course after another



In contrast to traditional, “untraditional”, and “accelerated” systems, the Shestov-Paris SupremeLearning™ system of Language and Knowledge Acquisition or Improvement is based on the natural laws of data absorption, recall, and utilization. SupremeLearning™ utilizes several memorization techniques simultaneously – some that are used in other programs (e.g., visual and listening perception), and some that are not really used anywhere else (e.g., motor skills, “finger memory”, muscles of the mouth, mimicking articulation in slow motion). This combined method works for all adults without exception.

SupremeLearning™ English courses contain thousands of “basic” words and their derivatives used in sentences. Words are phrases are “chewed down” and narrated in such a way that they can be easily and precisely reproduced by fast learners and slow learners alike. The main know-how lies in reading our carefully selected exercises along with the narrators, and mimicking their articulation in slow motion — a method that is not used by any other language course!

You can fully grasp the SupremeLearning™ know-how with any one of the product packages.



As a result of assimilating the SupremeLearning™ principles you can significantly improve not only your English but also your overall communication skills and learning abilities including your long-term memory.

With the comprehensive SupremeLearning™ system you will:

  • Master English phonetics, grammar and correct intonation – fast!
  • Lean to really understand people who grew up in America, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and other English-speaking countries
  • Noticeably improve your active vocabulary and spelling – in fact you will obtain a larger active vocabulary than 55% of native speakers!
  • Get a better job and earn more respect
  • Develop a superior ability to memorize, retain and recall any information
  • Feel like a first class citizen for the first time
  • Learn to express your thoughts in writing — freely and fluently
  • Have a world champion for a personal tutor

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