Modern system of education does not train people to become true experts in their respective fields, let alone in multiple fields. The ones who achieve greatness, do so thanks to their natural ability to study independently. What modern education does is train “zombies” with a limited vision and cookie-cutter skills. Besides obvious disadvantages for your life and career, this approach is also bad for you brain. It curbs development of brain cell connections and prevents you form reaching your full intellectual potential. It makes you “stuck” at a very low point of brain development and learning abilities.

When you try to learn a foreign language, most methods make you mechanically memorize grammatical rules and syntactic structures. While this approach might work for children under 12, it doesn’t do much for adults. This is the reason why many adults spent years in fruitless attempts to learn a foreign language and end up feeling frustrated and stupid. SupremeLearning™ method is different because it utilizes latest scientific discoveries in adult learning and neuroscience and takes advantage of “tactile learning” that activates areas of adult brain responsible for speech and language. Not only will you be able to learn a foreign language a lot faster and easier but you will also notice a significant improvement in your memory and overall alertness. Adults CAN learn new skill, we have seen thousands of people show great results when using SupremeLearning™ and we are absolutely confident that our method is possibly the only one in the market that actually *works* for adults.

SupremeLearning™ Universal ESL Course

Our Universal ESL (English as a Second Language) Course is intended for adults who want to learn English fast. Materials are based on Michael Shestov’s patented SupremeLearning™ method that have enabled thousands of his students to overcome their difficulties and finally learn English and move ahead in their careers. Texts and exercises have been carefully selected to guarantee that students will “internalize” English speech and grammar intelligently and very quickly – without confusing mechanical repetition or memorizing complicated rules.

Michael Shestov’s patented TypeRIGHTing™ software included in the course (Windows only) is specifically designed to activate the areas of adult brain that are responsible for speech and language. By using it you will not only learn English faster but you will also “rejuvenate” your brain and significantly increase your ability to remember things and learn new skills (languages, computers, even dancing – yes, dancing!)

SupremeLearning™ Universal Course includes:

** 1 standard compact disk in MP3 format (of about 16.5 hours), ** 1 Region & Code Free DVD (of about 2 hours), ** 1 CD with Supreme Learning™ TypeRIGHTing™ Software (available for download from the publisher’s website after registering the product) ** 1 Supreme Learning™ Instructional Guidebook, ** 1 Personal consultation with Mr. Michael Shestov (regular value of $1000).

SupremeLearning™ Universal ESL Course

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Supreme Learning™ English Master Class

Currently Michael Shestov offers English Master Classes in Moscow and in New York. All candidates are required to take an admission test (it can be done over the phone or Skype).

Download a detailed description of Michael Shestov’s English Master Class in pdf format (English)

Download a detailed description of Michael Shestov’s English Master Class in pdf format (Russian)

Personal Consultation with Michael Shestov

To inquire about a personal consultation with Michael Shestov or to request an admission test for Michael Shestov’s Master Class please contact us at 1-800-880-2287 (US) or 7-495-799-3152 (CIS).

Email: info@supremelearning.com