The principal author of SupremeLearning™ method, Michael Shestov, is:

  • World-renowned educator, international investigative journalist and syndicated columnist in the field of education; linguist-polyglot; advisor to a number of UN organizations as well as American and Russian governmental agencies
  • Scientific leader of several charitable and profitable national and international institutions conducting research in artificial intelligence and efficient interaction between humans and computers
  • Recognized by U.S. and other countries’ authorities as having extraordinary abilities in the sciences and education
  • Honorable president of “Alma Mater” press association
  • Member of New York Foreign Press Association and New York Press Association
  • Guinness and Marvel Book World Champion
  • Former assistant to the Minister of Special and Professional Education (at age 25)
  • Typewriting World Champion (first becoming so at age 28) by inventing a special system of error-free work in any language
  • Experienced editor in 27 languages
  • Master of over 40 computer keyboards of the world
  • Consumer advocate in the field of education
  • Morse code expert and instructor
  • Master kick-boxer and instructor
  • Self-taught classical pianist